Plaban basics

  • Dec 14, 2021

《Instagram Live!》 Mon, Dec 20, 2021 9:00 p.m. – “Choki LIVE Vol.6” : How to cut & How to use scissors for PLABAN!

“How to cut” and “how to use scissors” for PLABAN, we’ ll provide a livestream! With the handicraft boom, the number of people who are involved in PLABAN craft has been increasing. …… Some of you who visit “” may be wondering, “I want to know how to cut PLABAN well!” “Cutting with scissors cracks the PLABAN” “I don’t know what kind of scissors to choose for cutting PLABAN” If you’ve ever wondered how to cut a PLABAN, this is the live stream for you! On December 20, 2021 ( Mon. ) from 9pm, we will be hosting a Live Streaming on Instagram Instalive to help you understand how to cut PLABAN. NanaAkua, the leader of the 3D Pravin Association, will show you how she […]

  • Feb 8, 2021

What’s ”Plaban”?

Plaban is short for plastic sheet in Japanese. Plaban is short for plastic sheet in Japanese. In this website, we introduce Plaban crafts that shrink when heated, but there are also Plaban that do not shrink even when heated. When purchasing, please read the product description carefully and be sure to choose a Plaban that shrinks. If you continue to heat Plaban or other plastics that do not shrink when heated in a toaster oven, there is a risk of ignition, so please be careful. What is “Plaban” made of? Shrinkable Plaban are made of a material called “Polystyrene”. Many of the plastic containers that you find in delicatessen shops have the mark “PS” on them, which can also be used as a shrinking type […]