10 Questions for the Plaban Crafter! (3) Ms. Yu-Shan Huang

Here are 10 questions from PLABAN.net to the Plaban artists who have registered as members of the 3D Plaban Association! We are asking them about the reasons why they started working with Plaban, their episodes, favorite tools, and thoughts on their works.

Our third interviewee is Yu-Shan Huang, who has published books on Plaban craft in Taiwan and teaches the charm of them in her own workshop!


Yu-Shan Huang (黃于珊)
A handcraft enthusiast who explores the world of hand-paint Plaban making, work in teaching, creation, and customization. Published the fourth Plaban book in 2021. Own a personal craft studio called “The Crafter 手創工房” in Taipei, Taiwan. A recipient of the Grand Prize in the Craft category of the “Copic Awards 2017”.

Meet Yu-Shan Huang and NanaAkua

It was in Taipei in June 2019 that I had my first proper meeting with Yu-Shan Huang, a popular craft artist from and living in Taiwan.
But I later found out that we had wanted to meet each other just before that, although we were both too busy to meet at the 2019 Japan Hobby Show.

When I suddenly decided to go to Taipei in June 2019, Ms. Huang sent me a message and said she wanted to meet me.
At the same time, I received several messages from Taiwanese fans asking if I could give a class.

So I asked Ms. Huang, who runs a craft school in Taipei called “The Crafter Handcraft Workshop,” if I could borrow her classroom. We asked her if we could borrow her classroom, and the “Taiwan-Japan Shrink plastic Workshop” was held in Taipei.

It was there that I heard for the first time that she got her start in 3D Plaban arts with NanaAkua’s Plaban books, and even when she moved to Australia for a while, she took the books with her as her treasures.

She has recently published a new Plaban craft book in Taiwan.

Here are 10 questions for Yu-Shan Huang.


Photos taken with Ms. Huang and participants at the “Taiwan-Japan Plaban workshop” held in Taipei in 2019.

10 Questions

I kind of get into the Plaban art world since the publication of my book.

(1) Did you do shrink plastic craft when you were a child? If you did, what kind of shrink plastic craft did you do then?
Yu-Shan Huang
I tried plaban when I was in elementary school and junior high school. Back then, it was just as simple as drawing on the plaban and the teacher helped us to shrink it.
I was very surprised my drawing got shrunk and couldn’t believe this was created by me, didn’t really know what happened. I think this was my first impression of plastic art.
(2) How long have you been making shrink plastic art?
Yu-Shan Huang
I have been always trying multiple kinds of crafting skills, but really started Plaban art around 2015. In 2017 I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work with a local publisher to publish my first plastic art book. Since then, I kind of get into the Plaban art world.
The latest in her Plaban craft books “Handpaint Shrink Plastic Accessories”

神奇熱縮片的小世界 陪您一起在家玩手作:神奇熱縮片手作書 三本合購 79折優惠 / 神奇熱縮片的異想飾界 神奇熱縮片的超…

(3) Do you have any story or reason why you decided to start making after you became an adult?
Yu-Shan Huang

I have always enjoyed many different types of art and crafts including ShrinkPlastic since my childhood. Having the first time seriously working with ShrinkPlastic was after I got married and became a housewife. In the beginning it was just a hobby , making some flowers or tags with gifts, but soon I found the process of making it was very relaxing and I was really enjoying it.

That is why I decided to keep making it and start to introduce this interesting craft to other people.

Observe and shape the details of what I want to create.

(4) What kind of thoughts do you have when you make your work? (If you are selling your work, you can use the theme of your brand.)
Yu-Shan Huang
Normally I will target a theme to start my creation, I specifically like creatures and plants, for example butterflies and flowers. when creating my artworks I observe the detail of the creatures and plants and try to represent it by using the plastic art especially while when they are still warm and allow to shape it.
Her work is detailed, intricate, and fascinating.
(5) Do you have any favorite tools or art materials?
Yu-Shan Huang
Yes I actually do! I found myself really enjoy using Copic marker and color pencils.
having say that, other art materials are also very interesting but these two are my favorite so far.
“Copic Award 2017” Craft Category Grand Prize works. The variety of colors in Copic markers gives the realistic works.
(6) Do you hold workshops? What kind of customers do you have?
Yu-Shan Huang
I do have a workshop base in Taiwan, Taipei. It’s call “The Crafter” 「卡夫特手創工房」. As for the workshop, we sell some art tools and materials, also has classes for all the ages (running by appointment)
At her workshop “The Crafter”.

It is easy to start, even for children and elders.

(7) What is good and interesting about Plaban?
Yu-Shan Huang
Plaban is a very fun art craft, unlike other hand crafting, it’s easy to get in and suitable for all ages. It is something you can do by yourself or with kids and elders.
The process of shrinking is VERY fun to watch too! watching the plaban twisting and transforming into a tiny piece was very satisfying.
(8) On the other hand, is there anything difficult about Plaban?
Yu-Shan Huang
In general, I will say no, as I mentioned it’s an art craft suitable for all ages, getting into the Plaban world is not difficult at all.
However, if you are seeking for more advance technic, there are still thing you need to get familiar with, for example, managing the ratio of how small it will shrink.
(9) What do you want to do with Plaban in the future?
Yu-Shan Huang
I have recently published another book of Plaban, plaban is a craft I really enjoyed, I guess I will keep enjoying it by making more artworks : )
Ms. Huang’s books

Don’t be afraid! Plaban is an art craft you must try.

(10) What would you like to say to people who have never tried Plaban before?
Yu-Shan Huang
This is an art craft you must try! Don’t be afraid, just do it.👍👍👍


The Plaban works created by Ms. Huang are intricate in colors, patterns, and shapes. She enjoys observing, interpreting, and incorporating them into her work like as drawing a picture. She is a “Crafter” who continues to share this enjoyment through books and workshops.

We will continue to post the “10 Questions to Plaban crafter” series. Please look forward to it.

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