February 8th, 2021, “” is open!

Hello! I am NanaAkua.
(I am using a transition site to help my English. I hope you could understand what I wanted to write.)

February 8th is Plaban Day (Shrink Plastic craft day) !
I am establishing it this year 2021.
I’ve also decided that the 28th of every month will also be Plaban Day!
That’s why I’ve decided to open a new website for Plaban Craft.
(In Japanese, “2 “ sounds like “pu” and “8” sounds like “ba” in some cases)

What do you think of when you hear the word “Plaban(Shrink Plastic)”?
As a material for plastic models(model kit)?
Or as a magical plastic sheet that shrinks when heated in a toaster oven?

When you say “Do Plaban“ in Japanese, it most likely means crafting and playing with a shrink plastic sheet.

This website is not about “Plaban : Plastic Sheet ” as a plastic model(model kit) material.
The purpose of this website is to introduce the fun of the craft of “Plaban” that shrinks when heated.

I have published Japan’s first book of “3D Plaban” in December 2013.
My first Plaban book is “プラバンでつくる本格アクセサリー”.
The book is still available in bookstores and has been reprinted to its 8th printing in Japan.

Before 2013, the mainstream image of “doing and playing with Plaban:Shrink Plastic” was to make flat objects into keychains or badges.

However, I had no idea that Plaban were meant to be flattened after being heated, so I was more interested in the fact that they could be bent like candy when they were hot after being removed from the toaster.

I was really lucky to have the opportunity to publish seven books in Japan and four books in translation overseas.

You can read more about these episodes in the book, “いちばんくわしい ナナアクヤのプラバン教室”, or on the NanaAkua website blog.(but sorry, Japanese only)

However, there are still many people in the world who have never heard of the fun of Plaban craft that shrink when heated, or who have made flat key chains, but have never heard of 3D Plaban.

I want more and more people to know about this fun “Plaban”.
That is why I have created this new website!

As of February 2021, the COVID-19 is still going around the world, people are not able to gather and enjoy events as they used to.
It is also difficult for me to hold workshops as I used to do.

The contents of this website are not enough yet.
However, I hope to make this an exciting place where people can come to get information and enjoy crafting Plaban at home.
I hope to create such an exciting place.

In the meantime, on the 28th of every month, which is Plaban Day, I will announce new Plaban creations.
I am also thinking of holding some kind of event on the Internet.

I am just getting started with this Plaban project, but I hope you will enjoy it.


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