We’re going to open a new website, Plaban.net, which will provide various information about Plaban(means shrink plastic in Japanese) crafts!

Starting this year 2021, I have decided that
February 8th and the 28th of each month will be the day of Plaban crafts.

On February 8, 2021, the first of these “Plaban Days,” we will open Plaban.net, a website with various information on “Plaban crafts”!

I’m sure there are many people who have at least once tried “Plaban (means shrink plastic in Japanese) crafts”, where you draw pictures on a thin plastic board with oil-based markers and shrink it in a toaster oven to make a mascot.

It’s nice and fun to see how something you drew shrinks to a small size and becomes clear and beautiful, or how something that was thin and flimsy becomes thick and solid.

You may already have tools such as oil-based markers, scissors, and a toaster oven at home, so you may know that it is relatively affordable and easy to start among various crafts.


Since last year, our lives have been filled with a heavy atmosphere.

We can’t go out, play, meet, or work as we used to.

However, there are many people who find joy in doing things that they have never done before during these “Staying home” days.

Many people are turning their attention to the joy of crafting something with their own hands, and enjoying it alone or with their family.


“It’s so fun to make and finish something by yourself!”

I think “Plaban” is actually the perfect first step in the world of crafts that will teach you that feeling.

It’s easy, affordable, quick to complete, and even if it’s your first time, you can make it look pretty and cool (although sometimes it’s not always easy to make ……).

“Plaban” will teach you the joy of making crafts.

It is easy to start “Plaban”!


I would like people to know more and more about the appeal of “Plaban”.

We would like to provide you with information and topics that will help you do “Plaban”.

I would also like to introduce the fact that there are more advanced ways to enjoy “Plaban”, such as “3D Plaban”, and that there are people who are pursuing them to a much deeper level.

On February 8, 2021, which is (probably) the world’s first “Plaban Day,” we will start the Plaban.net, a website with various information on “Plaban crafts”.

And one more thing.

I hope that any people who are interested in “Plaban crafts” (beginners or experts…) will be able to interact with each other through “Plaban crafts”.

For this purpose, I also created the “3D Plaban Association” by myself.

The “3D Plaban Association” is just for the spreading the fun of “3D Plaban” to the world.

You don’t need any money or anything to become a member. Just enjoy “3D Plaban”!

We are planning to gradually add more functions and initiatives for interaction. Please look forward to it.

And we sincerely look forward to your participation and cooperation.


February, 2021

Site master of Plaban.net, a website with various information on “Plaban crafts”
Founder, 3D Plaban Association