《Instagram Live!》 Mon, Dec 20, 2021 9:00 p.m. – “Choki LIVE Vol.6” : How to cut & How to use scissors for PLABAN!

“How to cut” and “how to use scissors” for PLABAN, we’ ll provide a livestream!

With the handicraft boom, the number of people who are involved in PLABAN craft has been increasing. …… Some of you who visit “PLABAN.net” may be wondering, “I want to know how to cut PLABAN well!” “Cutting with scissors cracks the PLABAN” “I don’t know what kind of scissors to choose for cutting PLABAN”

If you’ve ever wondered how to cut a PLABAN, this is the live stream for you!

On December 20, 2021 ( Mon. ) from 9pm, we will be hosting a Live Streaming on Instagram Instalive to help you understand how to cut PLABAN.

NanaAkua, the leader of the 3D Pravin Association, will show you how she makes her works, focusing on the “scissors,” one of the indispensable tools for PLABAN crafts. In the last part of the program, we will be taking questions in the comments.

This is a collaboration with Ars Corporation, a scissors manufacturer, and their scissors for crafts “Craft Choki”. The program includes an introduction to “You can even make these things with 3D PLABAN”, and a demonstration of how to make them. We will also teach you some tips and points for cutting PLABAN.

Please join us on a Monday night!

Notice Streaming is in Japanese only.


Schedule of streaming: Monday, December 20, 2021, 21:00 JST – (about 30 minutes)

Instagram account Ars Corporation’s Instagram account @chokigallery_craft.

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▲An article introducing Nana Akuya’s work, featured on ” Choki Gallery” in 2016.


ナナアクヤの使っているハサミ プラバンクラフトになくてはならない道具のひとつが「ハサミ」。 ナナアクヤが普段使っているのは「クラフトチョキ(アルスコーポレーション)」。 ワークショップでも皆さんその切れ味に驚いて、その後ネットで購[…]


端の方がギザギザになってしまったり、ヒビが入ってしまう人はいませんか? それ、ハサミの切れ味だけのせいじゃないかもしれません。 どんなに切れ味の良いハサミを使っていても、実は正しい使い方をしていないときれいには切れないのです。 ハサミ[…]


Heart Warming Life Series
NanaAkua 著/日本ヴォーグ社 刊 定価 本体1,200円
プラバン4種類(透明・半透明・柄付き2種 各0.3mm 各1枚)の付録つき!