10 Questions for the Plaban Crafter! (2) Ms. Saori Shiba

Here are 10 questions from PLABAN.net to the Plaban artists who have registered as members of the 3D Plaban Association! We are asking them about the reasons why they started working with Plaban, their episodes, favorite tools, and thoughts on their works.

Our second interviewee is Saori Shiba, whose masterpiece is deep blue flowers, and who sends her healing thoughts with delicate Plaban flowers!


Saori Shiba
Plaban artist who creates delicate expressions of flowers with the concept of “bringing a moment of shrink plastic flowers into your lives.” Her masterpiece is a flower expressed in various shades and depths of blue, and she strives to create works that give the recipient a sense of healing. The author of『プラバンで作るステキなお花のアクセサリー』(PHP Institute).

Meeting Saori Shiba and NanaAkua

We met for the first time in the spring of 2014 at a solo exhibition held in Tachikawa City to commemorate the publication of the first 3D Plaban book in Japan, “プラバンでつくる本格アクセサリー”
I still remember that she also attended the workshop with her family.

After that, Ms. Shiba also started to make 3D Plaban works in earnest, and finally published a book, and her current activities are well known to many people.

In May 2019, we had a booth together at “Monomachi”, an event held at “east side tokyo” in Kuramae, Tokyo.

She and I are also comrades who like to use Zebra’s Mckee markers.

So here are 10 questions for Saori Shiba.

10 Questions

My Plaban art work started with Manga and illustrations.

(1) Did you do shrink plastic craft when you were a child? If you did, what kind of shrink plastic craft did you do then?
Saori Shiba
When I was in elementary school, I used to copy manga drawings and play with shrink plastic.
I was surprised to find a shrink plastic sheet from those days when I was cleaning out my house. I would like to keep that one carefully from now on.
(2) How long have you been making shrink plastic art?
Saori Shiba

In 2013, I started printing illustrations on printable shrink plastic sheet to make key chains and other products.
It was around 2014 that I got to know 3D Plaban.

I sold a self-published book when I was just starting to create, and published a book on 3D plaban in 2015.


Amazonでしば さおりのプラバンで作るステキなお花のアクセサリー。アマゾンならポイント還元本が多数。しば さおり作品…

(3) Do you have any story or reason why you decided to start making as an adult?
Saori Shiba

I was originally working as an illustrator and wanted to make goods out of it, so I found some printable shrink plastic sheet at an electronics store and started making flat works.

A little while later, around New Year’s 2014, I came across NanaAkua’s first book and was shocked to learn that I could make flowers! I was shocked.

I was about to just admire the book when I heard that NanaAkua was going to hold a solo exhibition and workshop in Tokyo to celebrate the publication.
I came with my mother and daughter to experience the workshop.
I was even more shocked by the fun I had, and I have continued making them ever since.

“Shrink plastic flowers” bloom with thoughts of healing for sadness and pain.

(4) What kind of thoughts do you have when you make your work? (If you are selling your work, you can use the theme of your brand.)
Saori Shiba

I create my works based on the concept of “bringing a moment of shrink plastic flowers into your lives.”

I am working on my creations every day with the hope of healing people who are in pain somewhere far away, by gently facing them and taking out the pus from their sad and painful hearts.

(5) Do you have any favorite tools or art materials?
Saori Shiba
I can’t let go of Zebra’s Mckee I use all the time, as well as Tamiya’s thread-carving carbide blades and plastic-specific craft scissors.
(6) Do you hold workshops? What kind of customers do you have?
Saori Shiba

Workshop activities are very important to me as I got into the world of 3D shrink plastic arts through workshops.

The art that I make with Plaban cannot help with food, clothing, or shelter.
However, I believe that it is possible to take out the pus of anxiety and pain by letting the mind go blank.

I think it is important to convey the techniques accurately, but I usually tell the students that it would be wonderful if they could work carefully, concentrate on the work, get tired comfortably, and when they breathe a sigh of relief, they can see their own flowers blooming in their palms.

Each person can create their own personality on Plaban craft.

(7) What is good and interesting about Plaban?
Saori Shiba

I think the wonderful thing about it is that it is completely different depending on the person handling it, and each person can show their own individuality.

I also think one of the appeals is the ease with which you can do the work even in a short time of 10 to 20 minutes (This is a pretty big point for me with small children…!)

(8) On the other hand, is there anything difficult about Plaban?
Saori Shiba
Once you heat it, you can’t get it back. That’s what makes it interesting….
(9) What do you want to do with Plaban in the future?
Saori Shiba

Last year, I created a large piece of work that I had never created before, and I would like to challenge myself to create a piece that exceeds that.

I’d also like to have more fun spreading the word about Plaban through writing and other activities.
I’ve recently started an Insta-Live to show my work, so I’d be happy if more people could see that too.


Let’s enjoy the easiness and interest of Plaban craft together!

(10) What would you like to say to people who have never tried Plaban before?
Saori Shiba
Plaban is a material that is easy to create with, and more importantly, it is a very interesting material.
If you think you want to start making Plaban craft after seeing “PLABAN.net” and the works here, let’s get started!
Let’s enjoy creating together 🙂


Ms. Saori Shiba pursues “delicate expression” in her work with Plaban, including coloring, detailed carving, and shaping. In her workshops, she tells participants not only healing from the work itself, but also healing from the process of making it.

We will continue to post the “10 Questions to Plaban crafter” series. Please look forward to it.

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